Facts According To My Kids

Kids are born to be learners. And in our house, apparently they are born to be teachers, too.DSC_0028

Big Girl likes nothing more than to order Little Girl to sit on the floor while she teaches her phonics. I leave it to you to estimate how receptive Little Girl is to this.

(Actually, I’ll just tell you. Not very. She is far too busy trying to rip the pencil out of Big Girl’s hand.)

This isn’t just a child-orientated activity, either. The kids are taking great joy in imparting their wisdom to us, their ignorant parents, as well.

Thanks to them, I have recently learned some fascinating facts. Allow me to share a few with you.

1. Little Girl has been learning about dinosaurs at preschool this week. During a, admittedly slightly imaginative conversation, I asked, “So what does a pterodactyl eat for breakfast?”

Her reply: chocolate and bagel.


2. Big Girl, not one to be left out of any verbal exchange, informed me that there were two types of dinosaur. Carnivores and herbivores.

According to Little Girl, humans are ‘omble-vores.’

3. I’m not sure what they’re singing at school these days, but I’m fairly certain it’s not this version of a classic nursery rhyme:

The cat and the fiddle,

The cow jumped over the moon.

And he didn’t get it.

Never mind.

4. Big Girl is navigating the treacherous world of modern abbreviations at the moment. I’m not sure exactly where she’s picking it up, maybe from slightly older friends? But she is always asking, “What does LOL mean?” and other such things.

There is one abbreviation, though, that she doesn’t require any help understanding.

What does OMG stand for?

Oh my gosh.


5. I think I’ve been fairly clear that my children use the concept of rejection, mainly of me, regularly. Not always intentionally, but nevertheless effectively.

Today I had this exchange:

“Big Girl? I love you.”

She turned to me, and smiled affectionately.

And replied, “Can I have a snack?”

6. Little Girl’s preschool have just introduced phonics to the kids. She is really enjoying learning the letter sounds and, I have to say, is doing really well. She loves to point out letters she recognises on signs and car registration plates and grids and books and cartons and goddamn, it takes twice as long to do anything.

With this has come a great interest in the letters that make up her name.

“How do you spell Little?” I asked her. (Obviously I didn’t say exactly that, and yes, it was really hard to write this bit without using real names.)

“Lll, ih, tuh, lll,” she replied. That was pretty cool. So I decided to test her a bit.

“How do you spell Big?”

“Buh, ih, tuh, lll.” Hmmm, starting to see a pattern here.

“How do you spell Daddy?”

“Duh, ih, tuh, lll.”



So overall, I’m feeling extremely edumacated right now. All these things I didn’t know!

I had hoped for this post to be a little longer, but Squeak is engaging in a bit of learning herself. In her case, she wants to know how many times her head can make contact with a hard surface before she requires a hospital visit.

It’s… tiresome.

3 thoughts on “Facts According To My Kids

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  2. I’d eat chocolate and bagels too if I was a dinosaur 🙂

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