How Squeak Got Her Name

DSC_2404This is Squeak. Well, this was Squeak. She is now a hulking beast of an eleven month old, who barrels around the house with double chins a-wobbling. Today I am going to tell you the story of how Squeak got her name.

This story is a lesson for you all. Nicknames stick.


Squeak is the neglected third child. With the first two, Mark and I had found out the sex, picked names and shopped accordingly. Admittedly it was harder to pick a name the second time around, but with four months notice we managed to figure it out. Third time around, I fancied a change and so we decided to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex.

In retrospect, this was the first error.

Now, it appeared that we had acquired baby-naming fatigue. We spent months batting around ideas, and we never agreed on one. But you know, it’s cool, right? I’ve heard so many stories of ‘we just took one look at him/her after the birth and he/she looked just like an [insert name here.]’ So we threw in the towel and decided to just pick a name after the baby was born. After all, you’ve got six weeks to register them, what could go wrong?

Second error, right there. Take note.

This baby did not particularly fancy being born. I reached 17 days overdue before finally being induced. I was so stressed that names had gone completely out of my mind. I didn’tDSC_0272 care. I just wanted to get the scary bit out of the way and the baby in my arms.

Labour didn’t take too long once it got going, and soon I was cuddling baby girl #3. As you can see from the picture, she was pretty squashed in there. In fact, does anyone remember those Boglin puppets from a couple of decades ago? Yeah, she looked like one of those. Although of course, she was most beautiful and perfect to me.

You know how in TV programmes, babies scream at the top of their lungs the very second they’re born? It didn’t really happen like that for me. In fact, Squeak’s first sounds were… squeaks! She sounded like a little mouse. And this is where the truth comes out. The nickname was all Mark’s idea! Since we didn’t have a name yet, he thought it would be cute if she had a little nickname. Of course I agreed.

RED ALERT! Third error! RED ALERT!

So Squeak she became. And we took a whole 5 days to name her, because we still couldn’t agree. Apparently, nine months just isn’t long enough! She has a gorgeous name. Raise your hands if you know me and you remember it! <scans> Liars.

Noone calls her by her name. Which sometimes I think is a shame, because it really suits her. But I have to admit, she just is Squeak. If you shout her name, nothing happens. (Actually, nothing happens pretty frequently when I shout the right names in this house. Sigh.) But as soon as you say Squeak, she’s there. And as she gets bigger, the squeaks get louder, and shriller, and more persistent, but they are still squeaks from Squeak.

It’s Public Service Announcement time. If you give your child a nickname, don’t think that it’ll never catch on. It does. And it takes less than five days. Consider yourselves warned!

5 thoughts on “How Squeak Got Her Name

  1. Love, love, love it! You write with such humour & sincerity! You should have done this years ago 😉, looking forward to future instalments! X

  2. PS damn food photos too!

  3. Aw thank you Helen! I only had the idea the other day, blogging has always scared me a bit. Now just to hope that the children keep doing funny and weird things so I can write more posts!

  4. It’s really good! Not sure I agree with it all. As you know I had surprises with both mine and had to pick names after the birth. Iain and I did struggle to agree but if I ever had a third would do the surprise again without hesitation.

    Ingrid is beautiful. Maybe you will just have to use that and nothing else until she ‘picks’ up on it. It wouldn’t take long but you would just have to stick to your guns xx

  5. Oh don’t get me wrong Claire-Louise, I would do the surprise thing again without hesitation. It was awesome! And you know, she just suits Squeak. I expect a time will come when she gets all ‘never use that name again!’ But until then, I guess we’ll keep Squeaking! 🙂

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