A Taste of Things to Come

So first post, yay! I have to say, figuring out how this stuff works is rather confusing. I sat at the computer trying to decide which platform to use, which theme to use, what I wanted to write…it was overwhelming!

Meanwhile, the children were entertaining themselves. Well, two of them were. Big Girl was at school, so that’s one less to worry about. Squeak and Little Girl were playing their favourite game. The ultimate game, the game from which all games come from and where they all end up. Emptying the carefully organised (They were carefully organised once when in a fit of spring cleaning I sorted them all out. It lasted approximately 3 nanoseconds) boxes of toys onto the floor. They looked pretty happy down there so I left them to it.

There’s something you should know about me. I take a little bit from many different parenting approaches, but there is one that I never stray from. Yes, I subscribe to the school of benign neglect. Crying? No. Bleeding? No. Trapped somewhere? No. Engaging in an ‘only this one toy is any good’ tug-of-war? No. OK, we’re all good. Back to where I was.

Now I’m not saying that I leave them to it all the time. We chat, cuddle, play, craft, bake, all that wholesome crap. But sometimes, you’ve just got to kick back and let it go. They’re happy, you’re happy, everyone’s happy!

Anyway, back to the story. So I’m sitting at the computer, clickety-clicking and tappety-tapping, when I hear, ‘Mum? Muuuum?’ I stop what I’m doing straight away because of course I am awesome and attentive and stuff. Little Girl is standing behind me, stark naked but for a pair of knee high white socks (one up, one bunched round the ankle, naturally). She is holding a metal whisk, on which she is twirling a cardboard tube. That’s Montessori shit right there! She cocks her head to the side and smiles her mischievous smile, and says, ‘Look! I’m good of dis, Mum.’ There she stood, all naked and proud, and she was indeed very good at this.

This is not an unfamiliar scenario at our house. The tools change, the words may be different. But always, always, there is nudity. Expect to see more of this!

5 thoughts on “A Taste of Things to Come

  1. This is brilliant – I look forward to more posts!

  2. You had me at “Montessori shit.” Haha. You’ve got yourself a new reader. 🙂

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